What is CBTEACH™?

We put a wrapper around classical CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), the highly effective treatment therapy recommended by NICE and widely used across the NHS.

We enhance the well proven Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours cycle to cover more holistically Cause through to Effect. 

We also add another layer of self care to compliment self awareness, going beyond the 5 Ways to Wellbeing developed by NEF in 2011, to include key topics like the importance of nutrition and good habits. 

All of this is compressed down into a simple to remember word. "CBTEACH"

We believe delivering this highly effective approach in a non-therapeutic manner by facilitators with lived experience makes for more impactful sessions. 

If you like CBT then you'll love CBTEACH!

Our Approach

Empowering people to own their wellbeing through the use of short seminars and experiential workshops that can be delivered rapidly and at scale.

Sessions combine our intuitive toolkit, with an inclusive approach in order to deliver impactful results.

We retain a person centred focus with all our content delivered by skilled facilitators with lived experience.

Sessions can be also be delivered in non-conventional settings outside of offices and training rooms, ideal for reaching diverse and remote workforces based in storefronts, industrial centres, retail parks, worksites and even outdoors.

1 hour seminars and 2-3 hour workshops ensure minimum disruption to your business but maximum impact for your employees.

CBTEACH™️ is brought to you by the NotUnBranded Group Limited.