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In Jan 2013 our founder, Shantonu, had a breakdown. Up until that point he had a successful career, successful life and felt as though nothing could go wrong. The next 18 months were a whirlwind of medication, therapy and amazing support from all kinds of wonderful people! He was eventually diagnosed with a mood disorder.

Through his recovery (he did recover!), he realised the importance of self awareness and self care as two critical things he needed to manage his own wellbeing into the future. He built the CBTEACH framework as a toolkit for empowered wellbeing and has been using it ever since.

Not only did he return to work and continued a successful career, he then went on to launch Notunbranded Group as a Health & Wellbeing service provider.

Now we are on a mission to take CBTEACH to others that need it. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we do and how we can help you.



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